Аbout the company

Private joint stock company «NEFTEIMPEX» it was created on December, 6 of 1995. Basic direction activity was a sale of Combustive-lubricating materials. From here and the name «NEFTEIMPEX». During subsequent 2 years an enterprise developed successfully, supplying with petrol and butters not only the enterprises of city but also all region.With further fuel market and economic relations development in town one by one the fillings stations began to be created, and existence of our enterprise was put in the hard scopes of competition.   

For permission the folded situation there is managing  PJSC «NEFTEIMPEX» made decision to extend the sphere of activity. Our city is a city of chemists and the greatest enterprise of city is PJSC «Severodonetsk Azot association». The spectrum of the produced products is very great, therefore guidance of our enterprise is accept a decision to study the market of sale chemical products. Collaboration with Severodonetsk Azot association» in area of realization of mineral fertilizers to the agricultural enterprises of all areas of Ukraine and ARE Crimea, brought PISC «NEFTEIMPEX» stability and showed out of crisis.

By the director of PJSC «NEFTEIMPEX» during already thirteen years there is Shovikova Natalia Yul’evna. It is the business specialist, lawyer by education, kind, responsive, but at the same time demanding to itself and surrounding, talented  leader, very pleasant in intercourse of persons,  and remarkable mother. On this time of PJSC «NEFTEIMPEKS» it is one of operators on realization of mineral fertilizers to the producers of agricultural produce of the Lugansk and Kievan areas. For more successful work our enterprise opened railway codes, and is one of ferrymen of products of PJSC «Severodonetsk Azot association» on a railway.  In a year an enterprise is concluded by to 400 running agreements.