Аbout us

NEFTEIMPEX private joint-stock company was established on December 6, 1995. The main activity was the sale of petrol, oil and lubricants. Hence the name “NEFTEIMPEX”. Over the next 2 years, the company successfully developed, supplying petrol and oil not only to the enterprises of the city, but also the entire region.

With the further development of the fuel market and economic relations in the city, gas stations were opening one after another, and the existence of our company was put in a strict competition framework. We have not only withstood competition, but also expanded the scope of our activities by entering the market of mineral fertilizers throughout Ukraine.

Director of PJSC “NEFTEIMPEX” more than twenty years is Natalia Shovikova. She is a specialist in her field, a lawyer by education, principled and tough in decision-making, a talented leader, a very pleasant person to talk to and a wonderful mother.

At this time, PJSC NEFTEIMPEX is one of the operators for the sale of mineral fertilizers to agricultural producers in the Luhansk and Kiev regions. For more successful work, our company has opened railway service, and is one of the carriers of products of PJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” by rail. The company enters into up to 400 active contracts per year.

Business experience is accumulated over the years. Success depends on the wisdom of the decisions made.

Only people who are not afraid to take risks can do business. Time is the best test of relationships for strength, not only in life, but also in business.